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"IMAC Regeneration Center is an integrated medical practice offering medical services, physical therapy, chiropractic care and advanced regenerative treatment techniques at one location.”

Rachel Rome MD, DABA, DABPM

IMAC Regeneration Center


Hometown: Houma, Louisiana

College: Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN

Med school: University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN

Residency: Anesthesia- University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia

Fellowship: Interventional Pain- at UVA as well

Practicing medicine: 10 years

Lived in Nashville: 9 years

How did you get started in Medicine?

Growing up, my mother worked as a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) at The Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center and later served as chief CRNA at the VA Hospital. She frequently would share her medical experiences with our family and modeled for me a positive female role in the medical field. This exposure, combined with my personal experience with chronic illness as a teenager, lead me to pursue a career in medicine. I still vividly remember certain medical providers that cared for me during my illness bouts who exhibited supreme kindness and compassion. Because of these individuals and their ability to utilize their gifts to heal and serve patients, I was able to overcome my illness journey and was inspired to emulate them.

How do your life experiences make you a better physician?

My family tree started from humble means and my parents made it a priority as I grew up to ‘never forget where I come from’. They always made sure I saw the beauty and worth in everyone and every experience no matter if we were hanging out in a fishing camp or we were attending a glamorous ball. This background, along with my travel experiences, have molded me into an accepting and open individual. I believe these traits aid to open the lines of communication and trust between my patients and I no matter their background or heritage.

Tell us about your practice:

I am the physician at The David Price IMAC Regeneration Center located in Brentwood. IMAC Regeneration Centers are a national company with two clinics located here in Tennessee as well as locations in Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois and Florida. Each clinic location has partnered with a local sports hero, who believes in the mission of IMAC, to serve as IMAC sports ambassadors. For example, David Price is our Murfreesboro and Brentwood sports ambassador. This partnership has assisted IMAC Regeneration Centers with their goal of community outreach and education regarding regenerative treatment alternatives to traditional treatments such as surgery or medication.

What makes your practice unique in our community?

IMAC Regeneration Center is an integrated medical practice offering medical services, physical therapy, chiropractic care and advanced regenerative treatment techniques at one location. This is a logistical convenience for our patients, but the greatest benefit to patients arises from the ability of the medical providers from each different specialty to collaboratively discuss each patient’s treatment and progress weekly. These meetings allow for any updates or changes that need to be made to each patient’s treatment and ultimately tailors each plan to the individual’s needs.

Another unique trait of IMAC Regeneration Centers is that when it was founded, one of the missions was to provide state of the art regenerative treatment options to everyone, not just the super wealthy or elite. Keeping with this mission statement, IMAC aims to keep the cost of regenerative treatment in the reach of everyone.

What are your goals for your patients and practice?

My goal is to help my patients achieve their best possible life. My goal for the practice is for it to grow organically: when patients have a great experience here at IMAC and achieve their goals, I want them to spread the word. The best referral sources are from happy customers!

What keeps you engaged when things get hard in your practice?

My patients! During our treatment protocols, we have the opportunity to get to know our patients well and appreciate that they share details of their lives and family with us. Anytime I am having a rough day at work, I can always count on our patients to share pictures of their grandkids, tell us about their latest vacation, or rejoice in the excitement of reaching personal goals. Getting to know our patients so well allows us to celebrate all these life moments with them and is perpetually uplifting.

What is the culture of this practice?

IMAC founder, Dr Matthew Wallace, wished to create an integrated medical practice that brought together different specialties and clinical experts to deliver compassionate patient care in a Christian work environment. Over 20 years ago, he saw that regenerative medicine held boundless possibilities for being an alternative treatment option for disease and injury, but it wasn’t readily accessible to the public. Hence, IMAC Regeneration Center was formed.

Still today, IMAC executives seek out healthcare providers that believe their abilities are gifts and should be used to serve and better others. Our team here at David Price IMAC Regeneration Center is made up of extraordinary individuals who strive every day to make a difference in patients lives. Every morning in our team huddle, we circle up and pray that we “may serve our patients well”.

How do you try and maintain a balanced life outside of work?

I believe that in order to provide the best care for patients I have to be at my best which means prioritizing time to take care of my body and mind. I routinely schedule time each week for meditation and exercise. These two activities help lower my stress level and help me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What methods do you employ to keep improving your knowledge and experience?

Medical conferences, medical articles and seeking out education from the leaders in our field.

Do you have a medical “hero”?

Elizabeth Blackwell- 1st female to attend and graduate from med school.


Tell us about your family:

Husband- Rodney Snow- MD at Heritage Medical

Daughter, Avery-9; Son, Archer- 6; Dog- Max

What are some of your interests outside of work?

Tennis, interior design, aesthetics, gardening

Where did you grow up? I spent my elementary years in a small town of southern Louisiana called Houma. It is located 60 miles southwest from New Orleans, so my early childhood years were spent fishing in the bayous and traveling to New Orleans for festivals. I moved to Germantown, TN when I was in middle school and attended St Agnes Academy in Memphis, TN. I was privileged to join the Christian Brothers High School cheerleading team and participated in competitive cheer for 4 years in high school. When I wasn’t occupied with organized sports, I volunteered at The Elvis Presley Memorial Trauma Center.

What amazing adventures have you been on?

I was privileged enough to take my first international trip when I was a young teenager and have had the travel bug ever since. I always try to stay at ‘off the beaten path” places to get a real sense of a countries’ culture and people. Traveling has been my biggest educational resource and I hope to pass my love of it on to my children.

Costa Rica- adventure vacation (so fun!)

Thailand- amazing place and people

United Arab Emirates- Dubai was amazing!!

Favorite Restaurants in Nashville?

Chauhan Ale, Masala House

Fox Bar and Patterson House are my favorite cocktail places

Are you passionate about any charities?

St Jude

What is one thing about you that surprises people?

I’m a Metallica fan and was an Alabama cheerleader

Among your friends, what are you best known for?

Making a good cocktail

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